Microlead Corporation (1995-2014)
Over 10 years of delivering IT-based, cost-effective business solutions to small businesses.

Since its inception in 1995, Microlead’s mission has been to create software for the small business that empowers people in the workplace and improves productivity. 

Microlead’s early vision of a sophisticated information system for every small business is coupled today with a strong commitment to Internet-based information systems that expand the power and reach of the small business and its users. 

We are dedicated to putting the power of Information Technology in the hands of small business owners. With the proper and meaningful use of IT, you can take a more proactive role in shaping the destiny of your business instead of letting market and industry forces drive it for you. 

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 Hundreds of successful projects and customers from the small business spectrum:
Project Types Company Types

Online Property Management
Inventory Management
Just-in-Time Purchasing
Production Management
Operations Management
Cash Management
Customer Relationship Management
Resource Planning
Mass Email Distribution
Email Client
Web Site Design
Online Job Application
Computer Aided Dispatch
E-Commerce Web Site
IT Consulting
Business Transformation
Marketing Campaign
Sales Management
Manufacturing Process Improvement
Network Design
Dedicated Web and Email Server
File and Application Server
Specialized Workstations
IT Support

Sign Manufacturing
Air Conditioning and Heating
Independent Carpet Cleaning
Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning
Irrigation and Sprinkler Systems
Home Construction and Remodeling
Churches and Ministries
Non-Profit Art Organizations
Accounting and Financial Services
Custom Doors
Landscape Designs
Police Departments
Fire Departments
Public Works

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